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Time to competence is a critical factor in training success. It refers to the period between completing the training and fully mastering its content. But why is it so crucial?

It’s important to recognize that true learning begins after the training session ends. Participants need to process the training material and apply it in real-world scenarios to truly internalize and master the skills. Traditional training methods that lack follow-up coaching often result in limited retention and practical application of the learned knowledge. Consequently, the training fails to yield the desired outcomes, wasting valuable time and resources. Effective cost management is another vital consideration for organizations.

Optimizing the time required to acquire competencies can significantly reduce training costs. By implementing efficient learning strategies and targeted training interventions, organizations can minimize the training effort while maximizing the desired impact. Effective cost control during training enables companies to allocate their resources optimally and achieve a favorable cost-benefit ratio.


Strategic Learning

Learning Sprints

Sales Coaching

Neurodidactics: Harnessing Neuroscience for Effective Adult Education

Integrating neuroscience into adult education brings numerous benefits for companies. By creating customized learning methods and training programs, the acquisition of competencies becomes more effective. Tailoring the learning content to the needs of adult learners enhances employee satisfaction and motivation. Moreover, neuroscientific approaches contribute to stress reduction, facilitate learning, and enhance long-term knowledge retention. As a result, companies experience sustainable learning curves and achieve long-term success.

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Mastering Competencies through a Strategic Learning Approach

By adopting a well-designed learning strategy, organizations can efficiently acquire specific competencies to swiftly and effectively prepare their employees for new tasks. This strategic approach not only fosters goal attainment but also boosts employee satisfaction. Additionally, it enables cost control by optimizing resource utilization and maximizing the effectiveness of training initiatives.

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Accelerate Learning with Learning Sprints (Educational SCRUM)

Learning sprints offer a focused and intensive learning phase, allowing for the achievement of specific goals. By implementing Educational SCRUM, collaboration, communication, and self-organization among learners are fostered, leading to heightened motivation, teamwork, and efficiency in the learning process. This powerful combination of methods facilitates effective learning with rapid progress, while also supporting individual development and enhancing employee engagement.

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Enhance Sales Performance through Personalized Sales Coaching

Our tailor-made and targeted sales coaching approach ensures that the acquired knowledge is effectively internalized and firmly embedded in long-term memory. Simultaneously, our coaching program supports the personal development of employees by strengthening their unique strengths, helping them overcome challenges, and boosting self-confidence. This comprehensive approach paves the way for a positive and impactful professional development journey.

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Our goal is to shape a future of work in which sales organizations are more focused on people’s needs. We strive for a future where every salesperson has the skills, support, tools and networks needed to thrive and thrive.


Our mission is to empower salespeople to achieve excellence. For this reason we design, implement, lead and evaluate hybrid or agile learning journeys. In addition, we offer coaching for sales organizations in their neuro-agile transformation, promote self-organization of teams and support individuals in their self-development.


1. Streamlined Excellence: We continuously seek ways to optimize processes and workflows, ensuring better results and unparalleled efficiency.
2. Uncompromising Pursuit of Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest standards, aiming for excellence in every aspect of our work, delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.
3. Ambitious Goals, Diligent Execution: We set bold and ambitious goals and work tirelessly to turn them into tangible achievements.
4. Trustworthy Reliability: Our commitment to consistency means we honor our commitments and meet deadlines, earning the trust of our clients.
5. Transparent Communication: We build trust through open and honest communication, fostering a strong and lasting partnership with our clients.
6. Passionate Inspiration: We bring boundless passion and enthusiasm to our work, inspiring others with our energy and motivation.

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