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Applied Neuroeconomics in Marketing and Sales

CAS Neuro Sales-Psychology (12 ECTS)

Discover the synergy between neuroscience and sales strategies in the CAS Neuro Sales Psychology certificate program. Learn how to integrate emotional and psychological aspects into traditional selling methods to make your organization’s sales and growth more predictable.

Why is it helpful to you? Because you want to understand and influence sales decisions in today’s business world. This course provides you with tried and tested tools to increase your sales efficiency, optimize customer acquisition and shorten the sales cycle. Expand your knowledge with the help of neuroscientific findings and develop into a sales master.



  • Empirically sound neuro sales & sales psychology training with university degree
  • Establishment of a unique “people-to-people catalyst” in sales
  • 100% from practice for practice
  • Learning on the living model


Ideal for:

  • Business Owner and Startup/Createup Founder
  • Future-oriented Sales Executives
  • (Global) Key Account Manager
  • Senior and Junior Sales Professionals
  • RevOps Pioneers
  • Sales Consultants


Duration: 6 months (semi virtual)

Lecturer of Applied Neuroeconomics in Marketing and Sales

Valdemar Duarte

Ressort Member SMarketing & Recruitment

“Everyone possesses the potential for success, and as a passionate trainer and coach, I am thrilled to unleash this potential alongside my trainees and their organizations.”

Brief Profile

With 24 years of experience in international sales and marketing of complex capital goods, along with expertise in business development, managing indirect sales channels, strategic key account management, and leadership, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I have successfully trained and coached territorial key account management teams in EMEA, and LATAM regions.

Additionally, I have18 years of practical experience in the training and further education of managers and sales employees in business administration, sales know-how and tactics and in the transfer of product and tool knowledge (CRM).

Corporate Functions

Entrepreneur / Managing Director
Vice President Key Account Management LATAM
Director Key Account Management EMEA
Director of Product Marketing (Global)
Business Development Manager EMEA
Area Sales Manager EMEA, LATAM, APAC
Sales Representative
Sales Trainee

Higher Education

Certified OKR Professional
CAS Agile Coach
CAS Neuromarketing
Certified Sales Excellence Trainer
BA Business Administration
Dipl. Betriebswirt

Language Skills


CAS Neuro Sales Psychology
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